New Hampshire State Inspections

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New Hampshire State Inspections

Amherst Autoworks is an official NH State Inspection Station. Getting your vehicle inspected annually is not only the law, but helps you keep on top of your vehicle’s safety and reliability.

Cars and light trucks are required to be inspected each year by the 10th day of the month of the owner’s birthday. New Hampshire State Inspections can be performed up to 4 months prior to expiration, as long as the registration remains valid for the inspection period. When you purchase a vehicle, you have 10 days to get the inspection done after you register the vehicle. You must have a valid registration to get your vehicle inspected.

Antique vehicles are inspected biannually in April (pre-1949 are exempt). Most motorcycles need to be inspected annually by July 1st, Antique motorcycles 40 or more model years old are done every other year.

We’ll get you “stickered” and out the door as quickly as possible. Schedule your inspection today!