Brake Service

Pads, Rotors, and Calipers

Brake Service

Your brakes are possibly your vehicle’s most important safety components. They allow you to halt the forward momentum of your car or truck quickly and effectively, ensuring that you can slow or stop every time you press your vehicle’s brake pedal.

Most often, brake problems stem from worn out brake pads or rotors. When you use your brakes to stop, the brake pads create friction against the rotors to slow your vehicle, and the rotors disperse heat quickly to prevent your brake assembly from overheating. If you have recently been hearing a squealing or squeaking sound when you apply your brakes, it is likely that the built-in indicators are warning you they are due for replacement.

It’s also possible to experience brake problems due to low brake fluid. This fluid uses the pressure you put into your system by pushing the brake pedal into an amplified force slowing your wheels. The brake fluid itself becomes contaminated as it draws moisture or can break down from excess heat. If there’s a leak at any point in the system, the loss of pressure has a very obvious negative effect on your braking ability.

Regular inspection and timely replacement of your brake system can help you avoid more extensive – and expensive – repairs and keep you and your family safer on the road. Schedule an appointment today!