Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Keep your car running perfect! Stay on the recommended factory maintenance schedule.

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

The best way to prevent costly long-term problems with your vehicle is to keep up with its factory recommended preventative maintenance schedule. This schedule is probably clearly charted out in your vehicle’s owner’s manual. Every make and model has different requirements for maintenance, and traditional informal guidelines like “You have to change your oil every 3,000 miles” may not apply to your modern car.

The maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual was written by the people who understand your vehicle the best – the engineers who built it. They provide recommendations for how often you should change your oil, filters, driving belts, timing belts and more.

While some maintenance, such as topping off fluids, can be performed by the vehicle’s owner, more complicated procedures should be done by experts like the team at Amherst Autoworks. Our team can keep your vehicle in top shape by performing the following maintenance:

  • Inspecting and replacing timing belts and serpentine belts
  • Checking and changing oil
  • Checking and replacing batteries
  • Checking and replacing air filters
  • Checking and replacing spark plugs
  • Tire rotation, balancing, and alignment